Small Group Training

Train with a Group and Save

Small Group Training combines the customization of one-on-one training with the dynamics of working out in a group. Training programs are still customized to the individual client's goals and fitness level, but training with a group keeps costs down and brings an energy all its own! 

If you're looking to get fit and meet others with similar goals and challenges, Small Group Training is for you.  Groups are set times with no more than four participants. You can join a group or recruit some friends and form your own. Either way, you'll have so much fun laughing and chatting you might even forget you're working out!  

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Partner Training

Workout with a friend or significant other and get fit together

Studies show you’re more likely to stick with a weight loss program if you workout with a buddy! Partner training is tailored to your individual goals and you get the fun and support of training with a friend or your spouse. 

We have husbands and wives, mothers and daughters and best friends who train together. We customize your session so no matter your age, gender or fitness level you can both get results, even if your goals are different. 

If you're looking for even more accountability, recruit a friend or family member and try Partner Training! Not only will it make working out more fun, you'll get some valuable quality time together and extra support. 

  • Lynn
    Melanie is a knowledgeable health & fitness coach. I've participated in the group classes held at...Fitness Evolution. This is a fun & friendly environment for all fitness levels & the workouts are excellent. Highly recommended!
  • Jessica
    Love love love the gym and love the trainer even more! This is a place of zero judgement and absolute support. Your small training group will become your fitness buddies and will help you stay true to your fitness goals.

Individual Training

One-on-one focused, goal-specific training 

Not everyone is comfortable in a group setting, or maybe you're just getting started and looking for a more individualized approach. Personal attention is our speciality and individual sessions provide the client an opportunity to have direct one-on-one guidance, feedback and support.  

We provide a personalized program to meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go. Personal Training allows you to grow and progress at your own pace in a relaxed, private setting. Your trainer will give you 100% focus and feedback. 

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Nutrition Coaching

Customize your nutrition with guidance and accountability

No fitness program is complete without good nutrition. With Nutrition Coaching you will receive  guidance and accountability to help you stay on track and make long-term, sustainable changes.

There are no "meal plans" here. This program is about teaching you skills you can use to eat healthy for life. Learn easy meal planning habits, how to make smart choices when eating away from home, and what to do when you’ve lost your motivation.

Group Fitness Classes

Something for everyone

Get a great workout (that still fits your body's needs) and meet fun, friendly and like-minded people who will sweat right along with you. Our group classes are appropriate for fitness enthusiasts and beginners. 

At Fitness Evolution we pride ourselves in being able to adjust any group class to fit the needs of each individual participant. We are always ready with a modification or alternate exercise. You know your body and we know you which means you always get a safe yet challenging workout!

We offer strength & cardio classes and yoga. Click here to view the class schedule or sign-up.

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